Airport Taxis & Ground Transportation

Car services and taxis will both provide door-to-door transportation. In NYC, car services are not supposed to pick up passengers unless they have been reserved in advance. If you would like to reserve a car service or limo in advance, please click here. Taxis are not reserved in advance but rather can be "hailed" from the street. Taxis have base fares, and then are metered at a $ per mile/timeā€¦and drivers additionally expect some form of gratuity.

Taxi Rates & Limo Prices: Always get a confirmation of your rate in advance. Most taxis and limo services have base fares and are not all inclusive. For example, NYC has a tax on car services and NY State and local sales taxes. Tolls are almost never included in your quoted price. You can often avoid additional toll charges by asking the driver to take a specific route of your choice. Some taxis will try to take advantage of you, even though their rates are standardized. We provide all known charges up front when you book.

Airport Pickup: Limo Services and Car Service offer indoor pickups, providing an extremely stress-free pickup at any airport (your driver will meet you at baggage claim with a sign). Indoor pickup usually costs extra, plus any applicable waiting time or parking fees. With Outside pickup, the driver will meet you at a designated curbside pickup location.

Disadvantages of Airport Taxi service:

  • Waiting in Line: After a long flight, waiting in line for a cab is not ideal
  • Drivers are not always familiar with the area
  • Taxis are not reliable, and can break down en route
  • Payment: not all cabs take credit cards and having currency on hand may be difficult

Advantages of Car Services:

  • No taxi lines
  • Inside pickup option
  • Can be paid for in advance
  • Professional drivers
  • Can be reserved online
  • Can be hired hourly to provide you with transportation around the city

When Considering Limo Services:

  • Typically more expensive than taxi service (though often it is only a few dollars more expensive)
  • Often requires a credit card to book
  • Penalty if not cancelled in time (ask about cancellation policy)

Car Service Options:

  • Economy Town Car: Can accommodate 1-3 passengers, with 3 pieces of luggage
  • Luxury Sedan: Lincoln Town Car (new model), Mercedes or Cadillac. Same space as a full sized sedan, but more luxurious
  • VIP Sedan: New car models with very professional drivers
  • Minivan or SUV: Can accommodate 6 passengers and 4 pieces of luggage
  • Vans: Can accommodate 10 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage
  • Stretch Limousine: Can accommodate 6-20 passengers (depending on the limo) and 10 pieces of luggage
  • Stretch SUV, Stretch Hummer: Can accommodate up to 14 passengers. Recommended for large groups traveling around New York City, rather than to/from the airport