Town Car

Town Car

For years the Lincoln Town Car has set the standard for luxury automobiles and the limousine industry, and the 2007 model is no exception. Style, class, and comfort are three prominent words that come to mind when one of our Town Cars is mentioned. Our dedication to quality is matched only by our commitment to customer service, making for the ultimate New York Limousine experience.

Town car interior

The success and popularity of the Lincoln Town Car has been sustained for various reasons. First and foremost, the Town Car, like our other limos, affords you the opportunity to ride both comfortably and safely with our car service. It's Five-Star safety rating allows one to simply sit back and relax without any cause for concern. Furthermore, our professional chauffeurs will bring you to your destination in excellent time and in great hands, which is why we are the best New York car service.

Whether you need an airport limousine or simply want to ride around New York in style, we can accommodate you. The Town Car Limousine offers excellent trunk space so that you and your family can fit your luggage, while riding comfortably to JFK or any other destination with our car service. We want you to enjoy your experience with us as much as possible, which is why our limos are held to the highest standard.

Equipped with over 80 Town Cars in our fleet, it seems clear as to which car service in New York should be your first choice. Moreover, it is our commitment to excellence that allows you to book one of our limousines in over 500 international destinations.

One of our Town Cars is the ideal vehicle for your limousine rental, regardless of your location. We have Boston limos, London limos, Orlando limos, Paris limos, and many more. It is our goal to have limousines ready at any possible destination so that our customers can always ride with us.



Part of what makes us the best New York car service is the diversity within our fleet of limousines and luxury automobiles. We offer our customers several luxury sedans to choose from, including three different types of Mercedes'. As a New York limousine service, we do our best to meet the demands of our clients, especially those who are looking for the ultimate NYC car service.

Mercedes interior

The Mercedes that we feature include the S430, S500, S600. Mercedes is commonly associated with luxury and safety, two qualities that we really try to emphasize as a car service. These "limos" are perfect for any occasion including airport car service. Though these are not stretch limousines, these vehicles are not scarce on room and spaciousness. In fact, we assure you that you will be more than just comfortable as you sit in the back of our chauffeur driven limo, as you ride to JFK, La Guardia or any other destination.

Every one of our cars is inspected daily to further insure our status as the best New York car service and limousine company. We hold our limos to such a high standard to benefit our customers, as we feel that if you use our car service, then you deserve the best. Our Mercedes models are the perfect alternative and complement to our other vehicles and limousines. Our professional drivers are sure to make your experience with our car service one that you will want to repeat.

Even if you are searching for a limousine in Boston or Washington D.C., we can provide you with unbeatable car service. We give great deals out to the Hamptons and give very competitive quotes to all locations.



Do you have a big party and are not interested in renting a stretch-limousine? Well our car service has the perfect alternative to that limo: one of our large, 14-passenger vans. Our vans are spacious and comfortable, and ideal for transporting big groups. Our vans are featured worldwide, including Orlando, Paris, London, and New York City. Such availability is unrivaled in the limousine and car service industry.

Van interior

Our van service caters to the needs of large parties. Our vans are held to the same standard as our limousines - the highest. This means that our vans will be immaculate upon arrival, and our professional drivers are sure to be courteous and knowledgeable. The vans are very well suited to bring you and your family to the airport with all of your luggage in tow. In an industry plagued with generally poor performance, we do not tolerate even the slightest error in providing you with van, limo, or car service.

Wedding Limos

Wedding Limos

Your wedding day should be one of unmatched happiness and gaiety. Everything should be done just right, including transportation. We feel that your wedding limousine ought to be perfect in every way, even down to the minutest detail. We have an array of limousines perfect for your wedding reception, including many super stretches and the ever-luxurious Rolls Royce limousines. Of course, no one wants to be outdone at their own wedding, which is why your best bet is to rent your wedding limo with us. We will provide you with a ride that does justice to such a memorable and joyous day.

Wedding interior

Our wedding limos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For a more intimate ride, we offer our smaller vehicles, or you can enjoy a spacious super-stretch limousine that is designed for comfort. Our car service can provide wedding limousines across the world for you and your family. We recognize the significance of such an occasion, and consequently will work that much harder to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you and your loved ones are happy. Your wedding limo should be no less impressive than the wedding itself, and we can make sure to provide you with such quality.

Just about every marriage includes a limo ride, whether it is to the airport, or simply home, you should make sure to book your wedding limousine with us.



Our car service also offers minivans to those clients in need of one. Minivans are ideal for small parties who require additional room for whatever reason. These vehicles can easily fit up six people with room leftover for your luggage. Our minivans are checked daily and kept immaculately clean. Minivan airport service is available almost anywhere that we offer service and should be utilized to suit your transportation needs.

Minivans interior



Our mini coaches fit between 24 and 34 people and are great for any occasion. The spacious interior of the minicoach is complemented by the luxurious furnishings that are designed for your comfort. Sit back with your friends or colleagues and enjoy the ride as our professional drivers take you to your final destination. Our bus service provides you with the comfort and care you desire. This service is available worldwide, including: Miami, Chicago, Rome, and multiple other locales.

Minicoach interior