Our Mission

There are over 15,000 car companies around the world providing ground transportation, yet less than 1% of them have 24/7 operations or manage a fleet of over 100 cars. From the cheapest to the most expensive providers, none provide consistent quality service and an average 10% error rate.

After 3 years of research and 4 years of development, in 2004 Alex launched the most technologically advanced and now the fastest growing ground transportation company in the world.

The company mission is simple: Happy drivers = happy customers and happy customers = a great company. Management focus is on operational and financial transparency with our clients, since we believe that saving our clients money is the best way to ensure that they stay with us forever. This includes simple things, like never lying to a customer and never promising what we can't deliver. Both drivers and customers are given access to view every detail of every job, so that everyone can ascertain what took place during the reservation, dispatch, pickup, the trip, bill and final payment.

We are also implementing systems that reward customers with greater levels of service as their usage increases, including free upgrades and mileage points. We rank our drivers so that we can match our best drivers to our best customers.

We have implemented a six sigma "0 ERROR Policy", which makes sure we check each order 6 times before you get into the car to ensure everything is as you expect it to be. We provide web access to allow you to order and review service. We aim to be as easy to use as JetBlue or FedEx.

LimoRes.net is one of the largest providers of ground transportation around the world with over 5000 world affiliates, $30m in revenues, over 150 employees and over $20m of invested capital, raised from the most respected investors on Wall Street.

We hope you are already a customer, but if you are not, please give us a try.

Alex Mashinsky

CEO & Founder

LimoRes.net and Alex Mashinsky are featured on American Airlines' Sky Radio

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